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When it comes to tracking web statistics such as bandwidth or visitors, Ch-center believes more options are better. As such, we provide you AWStats and Webalizer, and also provide Analog Stats to help you keep track of all of your metrics.

How Do I Use Analog Stats?

The Analog Stats tool can be found under the Metrics section on your cPanel home page.

The Analog Stats option located in cPanel under Metrics


Upon clicking on the Analog Stats option, you are greeted with the Analog Stats page. The page lists all of your domains, subdomains, and their SSL equivalents.

The main page of the Analog Stats in cPanel


Under the Actions column, you can click on the View option to see the available months of data for the domain in question.

The month to pick the stats report for in Analog Stats


Once you have selected a month to check, you will get the full details Analog Stats reports of your domain for that month.

The stats report for the domain and month chosen in Analog Stats


Analog Stats has very detailed information, and can be overwhelming at first glance. Let’s look at the major sections of results and break down what is presented.


Analog Stats

General Summary

At the top of the page is a General Summary of the domain selected during the month chosen.

The summary report in Analog Stats


Monthly Report

The Monthly Report is a table and graph indicating the number of page requests for each month your website has been reported for. This can help you track trends in activity and popularity.

The monthly report in Analog Stats


Daily Summary

The Daily Summary is a table and graph representing the cumulative total of page requests made on your website during certain days of the week. This can help you determine which of your days are most popular for your visitors and may help you decide when to update content or plan any maintenance.

The daily summary of the domain in Analog Stats


Hourly Summary

The Hourly Summary is a table and graph breaking down the cumulative total of page requests made during certain hours of the day, with Midnight represented as Hour 0. Using this with the Daily Summary can help you determine the best times to do updates or maintenance that might affect the website, as you can determine your peak hours and your least active hours to minimize the impact to your website visitors.

The hourly report on the domain in Analog Stats


Domain Report

The Domain Report shows how many domains have made requests on your website. Most normal users will not have domains and instead will have unresolved numerical addresses.

The domain report for the Analog Stats


Organization Report

The Organization Report returns the organizations or ISPs from which the computers accessing your website originated. 

The organization report for Analog Stats


Redirected Referrer Report

The Redirected Referrer Report indicates the web pages and number of requests that have redirected the user on the website from one page to another successfully.

The redirected referrer report in the Analog Stats


Failed Referrer Report

The Failed Referrer Report indicates the web pages and number of requests that have redirected the user on the website to another page unsuccessfully.

The failed referrer report in Analog Stats


Referring Site Report

The Referring Site Report tells you which website URLs have directed the most visitors to your site. This will include the number of direct referrals, such as when someone goes directly to your site instead of searching for it. This is useful for tracking any referral or affiliate links back to your site, or checking on any search engine optimization.

The referring site report in Analog Stats


Browser Report

The Browser Report indicate which browsers were most used to visit your website, including the browser version and used plugins. This is particularly useful for website development, as some browsers require additional plugins or coding to have the same features as others.

The browser report in Analog Stats


Browser Summary

The Browser Summary gives an overall report on the major browsers used to visit your site. This chart shows all browser versions as one section, rather than breaking them up into their own section per browser version.

The browser summary report in Analog Stats


Operating System Report

The Operating System Report details the operating system that was reported by the browser visiting the website.

The operating system report in Analog Stats


Status Code Report

The Status Code Report details the status of requested files and pages. The most common results are:

  • 200 the URL returned a file OK
  • 301 the requested URL redirected the user
  • 404 the file was not found.

cPanel documentation provides a full list of HTTP Codes and Quick Fixes for review if it is needed.

The status code report in Analog Stats


File Size Report

The File Size Report details the size of the files that are requested by website visitors. The larger the files, the slower the site may be when trying to load a web page due.

The file size report for Analog Stats


File Type Report

The File Type Report details the file types that are being requested when visitors request your web pages. In this example, a majority of the files were images with the .PNG extension file type.

The file type report for Analog Stats


Directory Report

The Directory Report indicates the most frequently requested directories for files from your website. In this example, the /img/ directory is the most requested directory when loading web pages.

The directory report for Analog Stats


Request Report

The Request Report indicates which pages, files, or directories are most commonly requested for information when visitors come to your website. In this example, the / directory indicates the home page on, while information.php indicates it was on

The request report for Analog Stats

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