Definition of Advanced Icons

The Advanced section in cPanel allows users to setup and manage more advanced functionality for their website(s).


Showing the Advanced section in cPanel


This article will go over a brief explanation of the icons that can be found in the Advanced section of cPanel.


Showing the Cron Jobs icon in cPanel


This interface will allow you to create custom crons to help automate certain tasks.


Showing the Track DNS icon in the Advanced section of cPanel


This will allow you to perform a domain lookup or run a trace-route.


Showing the Indexes icon in the Advanced section of cPanel


The Index Manager allows you to customize the way a directory is viewed on the web.


Showing the Error Pages icon in the Advanced section of cPanel


You can create custom error pages for common error codes via this interface.


Showing the Apache Handlers icon in the Advanced section of cPanel


This interface allows you to add Apache Handlers to manage certain file types or extensions for your site(s).


Showing the MIME Types icon in the Advanced section of cPanel
Using this interface you can add custom MIME types to allow you to handle any new or existing technologies as needed.

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