How do I Add Email Accounts in cPanel (6 Steps)

At Hostwinds, all of our services that use cPanel will include an email service to be used with the domains and websites you are hosting. This includes our Shared Web, Business and Reseller hosting, as well as any Linux VPS or dedicated servers installed with cPanel & WHM with the appropriate licenses.

cPanel offers you a wide variety of options to view and manage your domains’ email accounts. Here, we are going to walk through creating a brand new email account for your hosted domain.

How do I Add New Email Accounts in cPanel?

After signing into your cPanel account, you will be able to add new email accounts by following these steps:

Step #1: In the Email section of your cPanel, click on the Email Accounts option.

The Email Accounts option in cPanel

This will open up the cPanel Email Accounts panel. On the right side of the page, you wil lsee the blue create button, click on that.

Step #2: This will show the Add Email Account form that needs to be filled out to create the email account.

The Add Email Accounts tab in cPanel

Step #3: In the highlighted area in the image below, enter the account name that you would like. You may also select the domain to be used, if you have multiple domains hosted.

The account option in Add Email Accounts tab

Step #4: Input the password you desire for this account.

The password options in the Add Email Accounts tab

Underneath the Password section is a series of 5 grey bars that will highlight different colors depending on the strength of your password:


The bad strength indicator in cPanel for password strength


The poor strength indicator in cPanel for password strength


The OK strength indicator in cPanel for password strength


The good strength indicator in cPanel for password strength


The great strength indicator in cPanel for password strength

cPanel by default will not accept passwords unless they are of Good quality or greater, which is indicated by green bars. If you need any assistance in creating a strong password, you can use the password generator as well.

The password generation options in cPanel for Add Email Accounts

Step #5: Choose the quota for the email account’s mailbox storage. Anything over 4TB (4096000 MB) must be assigned an unlimited value.

The quota and create account button in Add Email Accounts

Step #6: Click on the Create Account button. If successful, the following message will be displayed shortly afterwards.

The success message if creating an email account successfully

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