cPanel: Adding Email To iPhone

Steps To Add Your cPanel Webmail To Your iPhone

Step 1:  Locate Settings on your iPhone

iPhone Settings Image


Step 2:  Find and select Accounts & Passwords

iPhone Accounts and Passwords Image


Some iPhone versions may not have Account & Passwords as an option under settings.  If your version does not, try locating “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” instead.  Either option should take you to the next step.

Step 3:  Select Add Account

iPhone Add Accounts Image


Step 4:  Select Other from the available options

Add Account Options Image


Step 5:  Select Add Mail Account

Add Account iPhone Image


Step 6:  Type in your name, domain email, password, and description (optional).  This information will be your Webmail email and password you created from cPanel > Email Accounts.  Select Next when done.

New Account iPhone Image


See How Do I Add Email Accounts In cPanel? if you do not currently have an email in your cPanel created.

Step 7:  Make sure IMAP is selected and proceed with filling out the required information.  Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server should have your Hostname (typically this is, User Name (typically your mail address, but can be found from cPanel > Email Accounts > Setup Mail Client) and Password (your Webmail password you set-up when creating your email).  Select Next when done.

Incoming and Outgoing iPhone Image


Note:  If your device fails at this point, ensure you have internet connectivity and the information is 100% correct.  Any incorrect information during the set-up process will result in failure.

Step 8:  If verification is successful after Step 7, you should see this next screen below.  Make sure Notes is turned off and click Save.

iphone IMAP Save Page Image


Your Webmail should now be correctly configured and added to your iPhone Mail.

Note:  Expect longer delays of receiving mail if you have multiple devices set-up to use your Webmail service.

How Do I Delete My Webmail From My iPhone?

Navigate to your iPhone Settings App.  Find and select Accounts & Password from the list of options.  Select your Webmail account now.

Selecting Webmail Account In iPhone Image


You should see a screen similar to below once you select your Webmail account.  To delete the account from your iPhone, click Delete Account.

iPhone Delete Webmail Image


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