Cloud Serial Console Access

Ch-center has added Cloud Serial Console Access to our Cloud Control instance management panel.

This access allows users to connect to their server via a secure serial console, from another machine through the shell terminal.

This is great, for instances where you are unable to access your instance through SSH, and need to make changes to the instance via VNC or other means.

VNC is great for graphical interfaces, such as Windows, however with Linux, the inability to copy and paste in the VNC window, limits your accessibility.

With Serial Console Access, users need only run one command passed to the user below, to access their server via another shell terminal, providing full access to the instance, along with the ability to copy and paste content.


How to Connect

Navigate to your instance you are wishing to connect to, and select Actions -> Get Serial Console.

As this is a new ability, users who have not recently rebooted their instance, will be prompted with a message indicating in order to utilize the serial console they will need to reboot their server.

Once this has been completed, they will be able to proceed with the instructions below for serial console access.

After pressing the Get Serial Console option mentioned above, you will be presented with a new pop-up window displaying your direct web socket link at the top of the pane.

This web socket link can be used by advanced users who are not wishing to take the simplified steps that Ch-center has created for users.

For the most simplistic method to access your serial console, press the “Copy Commands to Clipboard” button, to copy the 3 lines that were generated for your instance.

From here, you will be able to paste the commands you have copied into a separate Linux terminal, and it will allow you to then connect via Serial Console to a new instance.


Once Connected

Once you are connected, the first line you will see in your terminal window is

*** connected (type "[." to exit)

Pressing Enter from here will prompt you for the normal login details for the server you have accessed.

All information from the raw console output of the instance you are connected to will display here, if you reboot the server while connected, all information and output that occurs as the server is rebooting will be output to the serial console you are connected to.

You can exit at any time by typing the command listed above [.

This will immediately output “*** disconnected” once you disconnect from the console.

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