User Adding Domains in CWP

When there are users setup in CentOS Web Panel (CWP), they occasionally need to add domains to their plan. This guide will go over adding domains from the User Panel in CentOS Web Panel.

Prerequisites for Adding Domains

  • CentOS Web Panel installed and setup
  • User account created with a domain associated
  • The nameservers setup for your server
  • Change your domains nameservers to use the ones setup with your server
  • Package that allows addon domains to be added

Logging the User In

Step 1: Log into the User Panel section of CentOS Web Panel. Access the User Panel by typing in your server IP Address and adding 2082 as a port. It may look like this:

A security error may display if SSL certificates are installed on the server. Follow the instructions in your browser to continue past the error. This error is normal as you are navigating to an IP Address while the certificate is expecting a domain name. Finally, you’ll see the following login prompt.

CWP Control Web Panel User Login Page

Step 2: Login with the username and password of the user your going to use. If you forgot this, use the admin area to manage that user and change the password. This will show you the User Panel dashboard.

CWP User Panel Dashboard

User Adding the Domain

Domains Dropdown menu
Domains Link

Step 3: Click on the drop down menu. Then, click on the link. This will take you to the List Addon Domains page.

Note: this section will not list your primary domain, as this page will only show you Addon Domains.

List Addon Domains Page
Add a New Domain button

Step 4: Click the button. The Add New Domain overlay displays over your current page.

Add a New Domain overlay

Step 5: Enter the domain you wish to add in the Domain box. Do not add www or any other subdomain. You can add these later from the DNS management page.

Domain box

Step 6: Next, modify the path if you wish to use a non-default option. Otherwise, leave the default path. Check the generate Autossl box if you want AutoSSL to be enabled for this domain. You are always able to enable AutoSSL later

Path and AutoSSL Check Box
Add a New Domain button

Step 7: Click the below the text boxes to complete the process. You’ll receive a Success notification in the top-right section of the page if the domain is added successfully.

Addon Domain Successfully Added notification

After Adding the Domain

Congratulations! You have now added an addon domain to your User Panel in CentOS Web Panel. You will now see the domain listed in the List Addon Domains page.

List Addon Domains After Adding a Domain
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