CentOS Web Panel User Email Creation

User accounts within CentOS Web Panel will manage email accounts from the CentOS Web Panel Control Web Panel. This guide will detail CentOS Web Panel user email creation to help Ch-center clients who are using a Cloud VPS or Dedicated server.


Creating an Email Account

Step 1: Log in to the CWP Control Web Panel with the user account. The domain you wish to use for the email address should be controlled by this user.


Step 2:  Click on Email Accounts Drop Down drop down on the left. Then click on the Email Accounts Link link. This will lead you to the List of Mail Box accounts page for the current user.


List of Mail Box Accounts page


Step 3: Click on the Add a New MailBox Button button. An overlay will appear on top of the page you’re on.


Add a New Mailbox Overlay


Step 4: Enter the first half of the email address you want to create in Email Address box. The @ (at) sign will be added automatically, so do not enter it here.


Enter First Half Of Email Address Before @ Sign


Step 5: Select the desired domain from the drop down list. Keep in mind you will only have one domain to choose from if there is only one domain associated with this account.


Choose Domain dropdown box


Step 5: Enter the maximum storage space to be made available for this account. You can allow unlimited storage by entering a 0 (zero) here. Remember that you enter a value in KB here, but the list of accounts will display in MB.


Select Storage Size box


Step 6: Enter a secure password in the Password box. You will need to make sure it is a properly secured password, as the web mail login page will be public-facing. CWP Control Web Panel will auto-fill with a randomized password, but you can use your own.


Enter a Secure Password in this box


Step 7: Click the  Add Button button to create the email account. An Account Created successfully notification will display in the top-right corner.


Account Created Successfully notification


You have been successful in CentOS Web Panel user email creation. You can now login to this email address and begin using it.

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