CentOS Web Panel Setup Process

After installing CentOS Web Panel within the Cloud Control Portal, there is a brief process to complete. This guide will go over the CentOS Web Panel Setup Process and is intended to cover installing CentOS web panel on a new Cloud VPS Server.


Install of CentOS Web Panel from the Cloud Control Portal – The install process to be completed – We highly recommend that you take a Snapshot Backup of your server before making any changes to your Server in case you need to reinstall your Server from a snapshot backup

CentOS Web Panel Install

Connect to your server using ssh from a utility such as PuTTY or the Mac OS Terminal to remotely access your server. You will see green text if the server is still working on setting up your CentOS Web Panel installation. Otherwise, you should see the CentOS Web Panel welcome message similar to the one shown below:

We can now progress to the CentOS Web Panel Setup.

Setting Up CentOS Web Panel

Step 1: Navigate to the CentOS Web panel login page on your browser. This URL will be your servers IP Address and will access port 2030. It will look like this:

Eventually, we will be able to use an associated domain name instead of the IP Address, but for the purposes of this guide, this will suffice for now. The CentOS Web Panel page will display.

CentOS Web Panel Login Page

Step 2: Finally, login to the Admin panel using the user root and the password for the root account. An email is sent to any Ch-center account on file when a new VPS is created. This email will have the password for the root account. After a successful login, you will be presented with the CentOS Web Panel Dashboard.

Next Steps

After you get this far, the system is ready to use and customize to your needs. Here are a few things you can do next.

  1. Add your first user and assign it your domain
  2. Configure DNS settings
  3. Configure email addresses
  4. Configure security settings to your preference
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