How to add a (website) domain to Vesta

Either as admin or as a non-admin user, you can create website domains that will also optionally work for email.

Step 1: Log into Vesta at YourServerIP:8083 on your server.

Step 2: Click the Web section of the header.

Step 3: Click the green + to Add a Web Domain

Step 4: Enter your domain name.

  • The IP address should be populated with the main one for your server, but other options may be present if you have more than one.
  • By default, Vesta will add DNS and Mail support for a domain when adding it as a Web domain.

Advanced options:

  • Vesta will automatically add the www. alias for your domain. Enter any others you have in the Aliases box.
  • Vesta comes with an nginx proxy in front of the Apache web server. Leaving Proxy Support checked should speed up websites hosted from the server.
  • SSL support is available, including free certificates through Lets Encrypt. You can also use this section of Vesta to generate a Certificate Signing Request or manually enter the details of a certificate generated or purchased elsewhere.
  • The two Web Statistics options are Webalizer and Awstats. Vesta will have links to these in the ‘web’ section on the domain if chosen here.
  • You can also add extra FTP accounts for your domain at this time.

All of these settings can be changed later, as well.

Step 5: Once you are done entering information, click Add. There will be a notification across the top of the form if successful.

Step 6: Build your website. Use the Apps option at the top of Vesta to launch Softaculous and install a script on your domain. Or, you can FTP into the server and upload files manually. Your web root will be at


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