CyberPanel Control Panel Overview

CyberPanel is a relatively newer control panel that is available for you to download and help turn your VPS or dedicated server into an easily manageable web server. What helps set CyberPanel apart from other is both the fact that it defaults to using a version of LiteSpeed as the underlying webserver, rather than something like Apache or Nginx.

In general, LiteSpeed is a well-optimized web server, able to handle large volumes of requests with a well designed caching system called LSCache, but typically requires an additional license to be able to use. However, CyberPanel is available to install for free and has two editions available: CyberPanel and CyberPanel Ent.

The base CyberPanel install utilizes OpenLiteSpeed for the webserver, which is an open source implementation of LiteSpeed, with all features available to you.

The CyberPanel Ent. install utilizes LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise, which is free to use for one domain, but for additional domains would require the purchase of a CyberPanel Enterprise license.

You can find LiteSpeed’s detailed comparison between the two versions here, in order to help determine which version of CyberPanel would work best for you.

Some of the other notable features of CyberPanel (in both editions) are as follows:

  • Let’s Encrypt SSL installer to easily get SSL certificates for your domains
  • Auto-installers for WordPress, Joomla, and Prestashop
  • Git repo attachment and deployment via Git webhooks
  • Built-in DNS and email server functionalities to host your own DNS zones and email accounts
  • FirewallD and SpamAssassin management to help secure your server
  • A command line interface to interact with CyberPanel if you only have shell access
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