If you're unsure of the type of hosting you need, it's always a good idea to look at the benefits.
Compared to other types of hosting, dedicated server hosting provides the maximum-security level and the ability to use ALL the resources of the server for your website.
All ranges of Dedicated Server hardware are available, including single and double processor machines perfect for all uses.
If you are looking for more robust Dedicated Hosting solutions, then take advantage of our 24/7 engineers!
Along with our sales team, we gather all of your needs and make specialized recommendations.
Offering several of customizable Dedicated Server configurations and addons, we will be your most important partner as your business grows.
Basic servers: dedicated server with intel atom, dedicated server with intel I3, dedicated server with intel I5, dedicated server with intel I7.

This type of servers is dedicated for anyone that really need high performance and redundancy.
All professional servers come with power redundancy, hardware RAID interface, and multiple HDD possibilities for stripe, mirror RAID configurations for speed and redundancy of your data.
Professional dedicated server administration could be done included via DRAC/IlO interface from remote location and gives you possibilities to reset, reinstall, monitor and manage your server in web interface.
Dedicated Server SSD is the ideal solution for companies that need large resources to operate in the online environment.
We are currently working with numerous companies that use this type of server for CRM, intranet, custom applications, sharing, and so on.
A dedicated server also provides you with the flexibility required to create sandbox space for you to test your projects out in a safe environment. A big advantage of using a dedicated server is the benefit of unlimited traffic, as regardless of the amount of data going to or from your server. Ch-center prides itself on its commitment to safety and security on dedicated servers. Our data centers are located in the RO and is the safest and most modern from this region. The safeguarding of dedicated server hosting data is strengthened by redundant technology. For further peace of mind regarding your dedicated server, Ch-center offers several optional extras designed to boost security and backups.
Professional dedicated servers: dedicated server with Intel Xeon x3440, dedicated server with Intel Xeon E5540, dedicated server with Intel Xeon six core L5640
Professional dedicated servers dual CPU: dedicated server with intel xeon E5540, dedicated server with X5570, dedicated server with six core L5640